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Already this year’s election is prompting pollies to garner television coverage.

Kevin Rudd...would you trust himExpect future Prime Minister hopeful Kevin Rudd, to appear more often on screen and in print.

There’s been a sighting of the abducted missing child who was snatched in Portugal.  She would now be ten years old.  There was a possibility that she’d been seen in New Zealand, but unfortunately for the parents, the sighting was not Madeline.

The Welsh child also has not been recovered after her disappearance, although a man has been allegedly charged with being involved in her kidnapping.

Gun controls in the USA are still not being seriously persued, which has led to more deaths from gun shots.

A million dollar offer for information leading to the capture of a gunman said to have shot and killed innocent people.  This ended in another shoot out with the death of a policeman, and the killer was assumed dead in a cabin in the woods.

Weather again troubling us all over the world, with earthquakes in the Solomon Islands and Colombia.  In WA, a week of that had the temperatures up in the forties.  I still think we are being warned of things to come…

I spoke to my scientific colleague, David Livingstone (that is actually his real name) from Ozzie News.  He offered the opinion, that the close proximity of a space lump hurtling passed Earth could cause weather to spontaneously become excited.  This was his guess at why the weather had changed significantly.  After all, it did not bode well for the dinosaurs many years ago.

Bush fires again, and two fire fighters lost their lives.  Two brave people who were doing their best to save our lives and homes.

The Dollar is a little weaker but not enough to help businesses.

Pollies talking of budgets do seem to think strong dollar is affecting exports.

I keep asking this, and will keep asking until we get an answer.  I’m getting bored saying it but…well…here goes…Where is the millions from Carbon tax going?

New Zealand has started to process boat people.  How many other countries will Julia Gillard approach to help her reach a decision on Boat people?  Maybe we can process them in the countries they are leaving before they get on a boat.

Drugs and sports are nothing new but tracking the villains who gamble on sports is a necessary way to stop cheating.  Too many times referees make instant decisions that affect the outcome of a game.  How often have you seen teams in soccer reduced to ten men? It’s really not fair to the fans and the teams.  As a fan who takes his children to games, it is really sad when a referee/umpire ends our hopes with a ‘rash’ decision.  It costs a great deal of money for families to go to games.

Australian sport and drugs

A spotlight on referees’ decisions and the results of the games they control should be introspectively investigated…especially where a player has been sent off.  The only check on referees is by other referees.  If a player takes drugs, he will eventually get caught out and punished.  A cheating official will never get caught but teams players and fans all suffer.  Only the gamblers win.

Talking of drugs, our customs once again proved their quality with a big bust.  They do a good job for us and deserve praise for their hard work.  Looks like our actors and actresses will not get Oscars this year.  But after seeing the choices of best films at the British awards, I am not surprised we don’t get nominated.

The Best Actress spoke French in a film I had to read the words on the screen.  The Best actor was Abraham Lincoln.  This is a film remade at least five hundred times and with past actors who never won awards.

Best film was about war, Iran and Bin Laden.  If that’s the best film, I think I’ll stay at home this year and watch the Oscars in Dutch…Double Dutch.  This year’s best films did not make the list. Maybe we should have an investigation into how films get on the lists.

Could be criminal gangs gambling on the winners and should we check if they have NRL, AFL or soccer officials involved.

I received my electric bill this week.  I know I have had the air conditioning on, but it looks like I may have to sell the car to pay the bill.  Is this called going green because it makes me feel green all over.

Global Warming – I am doing my bit.  Next year I will have to sit in the freezer.

Sport and Australian cricket is in top shape.  Good on all our players and well done to the girls who nearly pulled off a final place.

Tennis needs a cash-flow – maybe use Carbon taxes to improve our younger players.

Cycling is champion and surfing riding the waves.

The Pope resigned…the first in 600 years. Maybe Julia and Tony will resign this year too…only kidding.

The French troops are almost winning in Mali.  But as suicide bombers and fanatics join the fray, it could become another Vietnam for the French.  Let’s hope we can keep out of this conflict.

Better news on the weather next week.

by Tommy Taylor

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