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A young child killed in her bed by a motorist crashing through the wall of her bedroom, children killed by rocket attacks in Syria and fire in a disco killed hundreds of youngsters in Brazil. 

What terrible tragedies.

France sending in troops to fight in Africa…are they mad? After a disaster in Vietnam, which drew in many other nations and saw them defeated, do we really need them to start the year with another disaster?

The French in the newest African conflict

Trillions of dollars-worth of oil in SA, but the lending rate not cut back.

The Australian dollar at an all-time high, but the lending rate hasn’t been cut back.

Carbon tax is collected, but no amount has been disclosed.

Cricket and tennis – are we destined to lose our grip on world sports?

There’s been dreadful weather all around the world, and here in Australia we have get usual heat waves, flooding and fires…the rain causes so much damage and pain…it’s bloody horrendous. Do you think someone is trying to tell us something?

Polls show Labor closing the gap on all the opposition, but they’re still losers. Do you think it’s due to policy decisions, capabilities to be a leader internationally or because the difference between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbot is almost impossible to judge. You can decide in September at the elections. Let us hope both of them have the sense to keep us out of any conflicts. War is raising its ugly head in Africa, the Middle East and nearer home in Korea. And why have we made agreements with Germany…history dictates that this maybe a dangerous union, which could lead to armed aggression.

When the revenue from home produced oil is realised, watch out for problems such as we see in the Arab world.

In times of plenty, remember the promises of our forefathers – Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, house the homeless and keep your nose out of other countries conflicts.

Save for the future and, of course, cut the lending rate to help us buy our own homes, and try not to sell off our homeland and resources.

by Tommy Taylor


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