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What a week for Australia.

It’s not what happened here, but rather what we must learn from foreign news.

The terrible execution of hostages in Algeria carried out by Muslims in support of Malians and terrorists held in western countries.

Hostages surrender but are still executed

The result in troops being sent into action will escalate action both in France and African countries. It asks the questions, should we allow our companies to be owned by foreign countries, and what rights have they to send troops into another country to settle an internal dispute. This is a warning for us and our mineral companies to keep home ownership of our wealth and facilities.

In Indonesia, a grandmother sentenced to death for drug offences. Yes we must support the laws of other countries…she knew the consequences of breaking the drug laws in Indonesia. However it is difficult to accept the penalty of death for this woman. Drugs will undoubtedly mean the death of many people who cannot stop their dreadful habit, but is one person responsible and should she alone pay the price?

Australia stands against the death penalty and we should voice our objections, but the law of Indonesia is clearly identified on drugs.

In the UK, another BBC presenter has been accused of sex offences. Is this another turning a blind eye to famous celebrities, who allegedly carried out sex attacks over a period of time without anyone blowing the whistle?

Still with the UK, the Prime Minister is raising question marks on the European Union. Will the UK stay in or will they allow a referendum on changes to be implemented before the next elections…vote in or out?

The success of the Union will be a major factor on Australian imports and exports and the strength of the dollar. Thank goodness we have discovered trillions of dollars of oil in SA. This will make our country and our currency much stronger and lessen any chance of recession for many years in the future.

This week, we’ve had warnings of what we can expect in the future, both good and bad.

I hope you all enjoyed Australia day and celebrated with family and friends. It’s always wonderful to have a holiday when we are not in conflict with other countries. Soon all of our troops will be home from Afghanistan. Let us hope the pollies keep us at peace throughout the next twelve months.

Finally where is the carbon tax money and how much is there? What on earth could the government be hiding now?

by Tommy Taylor


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