Tommy Taylors SRU

Have I lost my mind?

A serious rape on a bus in India has been followed by another multiple rape in India. How, after so much publicity and anger directed at those people who carry out attacks on females in this poverty stricken country, could it happen again? Never mind trials and punishment…these individuals should be committed to an insane asylum immediately.

Rape in India is becoming rife and MUST be stoppedA list of complaints against Jimmy Saville now tops sixty…including an alleged sex assault on a boy of eleven who was seriously ill in hospital, who died soon after the attack. How could this fiend carry out assaults for half a century without someone blowing the whistle?

Helicopter crash in London caused a terrorist alert, and the French who have not won a war in centuries, send troops into Mali and threaten Algeria…the world gone mad.

Can Kevin Rudd regain the leadership of the party? He is certainly raising his profile. Could the electors be fooled again? …the answer, unfortunately, is yes…we are born optimists with terrible memories. God help us!

Centre-link made a cock up with the pension cards. Nothing wrong there, after all, we all make mistakes, and they did say sorry. But official reasons given, is the number of calls they receive and questions raised by the public in many local offices. Sorry, but isn’t that what they are employed to do? They have a tough job and carry out their duties as best as they can, but the officials should shut up.

Les Mis was centre-scene at the awards in the USA and our own Hugh Jackman gained the top award. But it really is hard going at nearly three hours long, not forgetting the dreary singing. If this film wins an Oscar we should boycott movies for at least a decade.

The Golden Globes are more of a low key outing for the stars, when they have time for a drink and a chat…and perhaps the politics behind the studios is less obvious…although they are biased towards home based stars.

Ben Affleck and stories based on Iraq and Bin laden will always be considered for the Oscars, but in reality, the two main contenders are Les Mis and Abraham Lincoln. Shame we know how the stories end before we see the movie.

The judges would have to be blind to ignore our Nicole Kidman, but you couldn’t ignore her dress…she was a stunner.

More awards ceremonies to come before the Oscars in February…let’s hope the comperes can bring a little humour to the occasions. Perhaps Ricky Gervais will get a call back…we could do with a good laugh and some put downs for stuck up thespians.

Biggest news of the week…TOG is back in the news room. He has been on a cruise…I feel sorry for the other passengers.

Have a good weekend.

by Tommy Taylor


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