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This week, a young seventeen year old girl from Sri Lanka who worked as a nanny in Saudi Arabia was beheaded.

She was executed because a baby (that she was looking after) died whilst being fed a milk bottle.

A young Sri Lankan woman was beheadedDespite protests from many support groups and the government of Sri Lanka, the guilty verdict was upheld, and the young girl was put to the sword.

Coming so soon after the dreadful rape of a young girl in India, must beg the question, ‘do we not understand the plight of the females who live in countries who are not giving freedom and rights to the gentler sex?’

Are we still in the Middle Ages?

Don’t women have the same rights as men?

The Indian defence lawyer allegedly said the raped woman and he boyfriend were somehow accountable. He is supposed to have said, that in his opinion, high class ladies do not get raped. Leaving us to assume he means that lower or poorer classes can be expected to be raped.

I prefer to think because of the high profile of this case, that the lawyer was misquoted. The results show the two women involved in these cases have both died. What a terrible indictment for our society, to think in this day and age, women are subject to violence and degradation simply because they are poor and women.

In India and Pakistan, children are still trafficked because their parents can’t feed them…or it is their only recourse to obtaining cash to live?

We should all expect our governments in every country to provide free food, free clothes and free housing to the poor.

India and Pakistan can afford nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have oil revenues. Europe still dumps food to keep prices high…all of the above mentioned countries have the means to eradicate poverty…but not the will.

Pakistan soldiers proudly display their nuclear weapons

The poor should be protected, and so should every women in every country.

On finance, the Aussie dollar is racing away again.

Sport, our cricketers reign supreme.

And if you are silly enough to go to Indonesia, be careful what you drink.

The heat wave is nearly over, so expect floods, cyclones, high winds and even snow.

Who is damaging our climate?

Thought carbon tax was supposed to help the planet. Or is it just another tax?

If you’ve been missing my mate TOG, he’s been busy swimming with sharks, sky diving and rapids racing. Since his semi-retirement he has been to the Olympics and climbed the London Eye. He will be back at work next month. We’ve missed the miserable git.

Talking of misery, I see the movie Les Mis is up for a few Oscars.

Sad stories and how the yanks caught Bin Laden plus other American takes on history nearly always fill the Oscar nominations. Spies, wars and violence…don’t you think it’s time for the happy Oscars?

Seven people interviewed by police in the Jimmy Saville investigations but strangely no trials or convictions.

They say it is not a cover up, but the BBC was cleared of suspicion.

How’s the Royal commission coming?

Any chance of a change in the laws?

Another shooting in the USA any change in the gun laws?

Action Now, the celebrity advert is already forgotten…and it’s still only January.

by Tommy Taylor


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