Tommy Taylor’s news round-up

Another difficult week.

In the news – earthquakes, buildings collapse and shootings in the USA…rapes in India, Bali, and closer to home. A terrorist attack in the USA and terrorist threats in Canada…injured dead and dying all around the world.

A woman at the Boston marathon

In Syria the war goes on, and standing idle are the UN and USA.

Most countries are beginning to withdraw their troops from action areas. These include the French in Mali. Almost all say their intervention has been successful.

How many think it is safer now in Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali? Before starting wars, should we not have some idea of how to get out…and if the countries will be more peaceful as a result of the fighting?

More countries are changing their laws on same sex marriages and adoption. New Zealand and France are celebrating the law changes. To me, it seems a sad time…and history will show this century to have made the biggest mistake ever. Family life and marriage will never be the same.

Religion has failed to raise sufficiently strong objections or influence on politicians, to preserve a way of life we all experienced in our childhood.

In finance, we expected great tax gains from mining and carbon controls. Instead, we are told to expect a massive loss in annual budgets. Of course, you and I know there is an election this year, but no matter who wins, they will blame each other and claim it was not their fault.

It is time again to remember how much we owe to all those who gave this country freedom during two world wars. Anzac day had marches and TV programmes showing the bravery and costs in lives and pain of our soldiers who defended, and continue to defend freedom.

Lest we forget is a great reminder of those days.

by Tommy Taylor


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