TOG moans about…our red-headed leader

What did we do wrong?

How long did it take me to realise I had backed the wrong horse?

Australia was warned by Budgie that the policies were the same, only the leader had changed.

Unfortunately he then pursued different views which alienated the voters.

But he was right…how long did ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd spend out of Australia, travelling the world, and how much did it cost¬† the tax payers?

What was the first ministerial job given to him by our new red headed leader? Yes…that’s right…he’s on his travels at our expense once again.

The reason he ‘stepped down’ – tax and the mining companies.

Our new leader will still pursue tax and the mining companies. Why did I not see that the leopard can’t change its spots.

Hopefully another election will be just around the corner, and maybe I will get it right next time.

Did you see that pig go flying by?

by TOG


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