There must be changes to help our country

How can we lower road accidents, but at the same time save on fuel and carbon damage to our environment.

We need to make our roads safer and less congested and the answer is simple.  

Recently my favourite TV actor was injured in a car crash. I read with horror that he was driving not his own safe and petrol saving car, but a flash, fast, petrol gulping speed machine.

It’s time the government stepped in, and demanded all motorists should drive the same vehicle. It takes up less space on the road, uses hardly any petrol at all, and speed is down to 40 kph.

YES, we all should be forced to drive mini minors just like my favourite actor Mr Bean. Poor Mr Bean was hurt when the sports car he was driving spun out of control and crashed into a tree and a lamp post…at high speed of course.

Now he has made several series on TV driving his mini and never been hurt in a crash.

The prime minister should learn from this lesson the need to enforce a strictly worded law to all car manufacturers to only build mini minors. Mr Bean is in hospital, but you will be happy to know Teddy has been given a bed nearby.

Of course he had to spend a night or two on a bed in a corridor at first, but this is normal in a UK hospital.

He is expected to make a full recovery and there are no side effects from the medication. His fur is a little worn but will grow back, so Teddy could go home today.

Mr Bean is expected to stay in for at least a week for psychiatric tests. The police will question him on why he was not driving his reliable small car.

A new film he was about to star in with Brad Pitt has been delayed. Angelina is said to be very upset as she was looking forward to meeting her acting idol.

Mr Bean refused a press conference but did do a little dance for the doctors…that was when they decided he needed more tests.

Re-runs of his TV series have proved highly popular and if he is unable to make any further series, the TV companies would be poorer but extremely pleased.

PS – His mini minor is under police guard at an undisclosed destination, in a supermarket car park.

We wish him and, of course Teddy, a quick recovery.

by TOG


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