The year ahead – my predictions for 2012

Last year all of Helena Bryanliths predictions came true, a one hundred per cent success rate…but his year could be more problematic. So I thought I’d have a go…it can’t be that difficult…can it?

Could the Mayans be right? …I think not this year.

In Hollywood expect surprises at the Oscars, and later in the year we will lose a famous name or possibly two more. Another  marriage surprise break up, and finally a sweetheart finds true romance.

News will be mainly about finance. A truly horrible year for most of us, with a need to cut back on our budgets and spending.

Royalty can expect another year of sadness.

The Olympics will be expensive but with some great results in sport .

Precautions against terror need highest priority.

Weather will again shock and surprise us all, and Japan is not yet fully recovered from the ocean leakage.

Top stories will be around the middle east with Israel, Muslims and religion creating unrest and a worsening situation. Oil  threats could lead to conflict once again.

Christianity,after a year of crisis will once more forge strong bonds around the  world. A stand against gay marriages will unite countries both Christian and Muslim.

In medicine a great break through will be unveiled, bringing hope to millions.

Expect space news to be very unusual.

Russia after years of communism will experience a religious revival.

The financial crisis in Europe will lead to a period of peace and hopefully a strong working together of past enemies.

It’s not all bad news…so happy new year to all our readers.

by Danny Mason