The Old Git moans about…


I don’t understand what Hogan’s problem is !

As a pensioner  he should know we are all here to help the government pay their dues. We have paid taxes for over fifty years, does he think this government will allow the elderly to have a few extra dollars in their old age? How can they pay for the health and welfare, the rents and accommodation, the building of processing areas, for all the illegal boat people without our taxes.

His only problem was that he arrived in Australia by plane. He should have come by boat.


How the old timers must be crying in their beer now. We’re so used to winning that a draw seems like a defeat.

Did we vote for a better government, for policies we could understand? OK, the redhead has as much charisma as……

…….answers on a postcard……….and the budgie has the statesmanship of a………I don’t think  you could get an answer on a postcard, maybe a stamp  would do.

What happens next?

The Greens and Independents have on their  pledges, save the whales,  the environment, put up taxes, same sex marriages, and who knows what other strange and weird ideas for the future of our country.

There is only one answer,  it was all our fault forvoting against, not for the candidates. We could not see either of the leaders being a leader. Unmarried, no children, unbeliever, versus a fashion icon on a bad day, poor orator, lacking clear  policies.

The answer must be to have another election, with hopefully better candidates…Rolf Harris against Kylie would be good.

Its far better to have a majority than rely on the odd leftist or rightist to govern the country.

Bring on the battle again and may the best…win.

by TOG


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