The future tax’s of Oz

It would seem Western Australia are getting a military defence force.


The government has decided we need a special defence of valuable minerals up north in WA. Of course there will be a cost to the tax payer…water pipe lines, better roads and rail links.

The military must be able to reach the entertainment centres in Fremantle and Busselton. There will have to be a new Defence Tax to pay for the WA Precious Minerals Defence Force. Already the navy has approached the Italian navy to buy one hundred of their best pedaloes. They do not use petrol and are considered greener than normal battleships.

It is said that there is a small room in Canberra with twelve of the best brains…gathered from our best universities to plan the best taxes to get money from the ordinary people in Australia.

Rodney and Peregrin planned the defence tax…Godfrey and Eugene are planning a new sweets tax. They say the extra money gained from smokers by claiming increasing the price stops people smoking. In the same way if they increase significantly the price of sweets, they will raise a massive amount of money, and put all dentists out of work by the year 2050. A mars bar costing $2 will have a $20 tax added.

But the very latest tax plan has been voiced by Gilbert and Bernard.

They claim there will be no tax on breathing in, as oxygen is a green gas, but everyone who breathes out is expelling a toxic gas into the atmosphere.

This will be taxed. The new tax will be a Pollution Tax.

The government has said they may neuter the scientists as it will increase their attention span and actually increase their intelligence.

A man in East Sidney said they needed dog knotting. The minister said it was discussed but decided against. But a committee would be set up to review their decision on a three monthly basis.

The prime minister said the decision to tax late night drinkers and revellers, who stay out passed seven thirty on week nights in Fremantle and Busselton to attract the Defence of Precious Minerals personnel, will be enforced and doubled if anyone has a car and a dog.

The man in East Sidney said they should all be dog knotted. The PM in talks with the minister, who has to visit as many overseas countries as possible in one year, said the tax would stand. The overseas minister said he didn’t have a dog.   

It’s good to know WA now has protection from possible attacks by unfriendly countries. As our nearest country is Antarctica, which is definitely unfriendly we can all sleep soundly in our beds. 

I wonder what the man in East Sidney thinks of the best brains in Canberra.

by TOG


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