The Clarkson 3 get manslaughter

A man convicted of killing 20-year-old Jarred Alexander in a revenge attack gone wrong was today sentenced to nine years in jail, while two of his co-accused could be free by next September.

Cheyne Mark Callaghan, 28, Glen Barry Jennings, 30, Patrick Bernard Rojas, 20, and James Lee Bertolami were today sentenced over their roles in the manslaughter of Clarkson man Jarrad Alexander, who was fatally stabbed while taking refuge in a shed in February last year.

Mr Alexander was killed after the four men decided to get revenge for the earlier stabbing of a friend at Clarkson Primary School in an argument between Mr Rojas and others over a 15-year-old girlfriend.

Mr Alexander had not been a part of the incident but was visiting a home in Gaffney Ridge when the four offenders arrived.

Finding the house locked, with their intended target inside, the group came across Mr Alexander trying to barricade himself in the garden shed. Callaghan stabbed Alexander as Rojas and Jennings punched him repeatedly.

Moments after they fled, Alexander stumbled from the shed mortally wounded.

Bertolami pleaded guilty to manslaughter earlier this year and was handed a two and a half year suspended sentence.

He then testified against Callaghan, Jennings and Rojas in a five day trial in June.

The three were tried for murder, but a jury convicted them of manslaughter.

Today, Judge John McKechnie sentenced Callaghan to nine years imprisonment while Jennings and Rojas were each sentenced to four years and six months.

All three had their sentences back dated to March and February 2009.

They are all eligible for two years parole, which means Callaghan will have to serve at least seven years while Jennings and Rojas will have to serve two years and six month before becoming eligible for parole.

Speaking to media briefly after today’s verdict, Jarred Alexander’s mother Sue appeared physically upset.

“No amount of years will bring back my son,” she said.


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