Swedish Cannibal eats his wife’s lips

A man from Sweden has been charged after eating his wife’s lips.

The professor from Sweden attacked his wife to make sure she could never kiss another man.

Swedish news reports that the man wanted to give his wife ‘a life sentence’ of pain.

The “Swedish Cannibal” did this because he was jealous his wife was having an affair. I thought Sweden was all about free love.  Didn’t the best porn come out of Sweden?

Apparently the “Swedish Cannibal” cut his wife’s lips off and ate them so they could not be sewn back on her mouth.  So is this going to prevent the wife from giving someone oral after her “lipless” mouth heals?

Mr. Swedish Cannibal, I don’t know if you knocked out your wife’s teeth in the process…but if you did,she can now give full on gum jobs…a first for the Swedish Sex industry.

His charge was downgraded from attempted murder to aggravated assault because he stayed with her until the ambulance arrived…ahhh, Mr Swedish Cannibal, you have feelings. If there was an award for the most caring person in the world’, then you would definitely win it, you big soft teddy-bear you.

But honestly, the man needs executing…the world doesn’t need a person in the world like this. He shouldn’t be breathing the same air as us normal people.

The violent attack follows a spate of bizarre face-eating cases, which gained attention last month when a man was shot dead eating another man’s face.

The phenomenon came to light in Florida when Rudy Eugene attacked a homeless man, and has been linked to the use of the street drug “bath salts”.

by Sel Hurst

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