Speedy Pietey gets fined

England cricketer and fast-car enthusiast Kevin Pietersen was fined $239 for speeding along the Geelong Ring Road on Thursday.

A police spokesperson said a man aged in his 30s was booked for travelling at 121 km/h in a 100 zone in a yellow Lamborghini at 2.35pm.

An England team spokesman said, ‘He (Pietersen) did pick up a speeding fine.’

Pietersen was man of the match in England’s triumph by an innings in this week’s second Test in Adelaide, scoring a double century.

While his team-mates were training at the MCG on Thursday in preparation for a three-day game against Victoria starting on Friday, the South Africa-born Pietersen was indulging his passion for fast cars.

Australian cricket great Shane Warne, an ambassador for Lamborghini, helped arrange the $475,000 car on loan to his buddy Pietersen, who went for a spin along the Great Ocean Road.

Buford Balony says: Deport him. We don’t want his type here.


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