Son throws mother out of window – then kills her

A 41 year-old man has been arrested in California after he allegedly pushed his 71 year-old mother out of a second-story window, and then stomped her to death.

fernando-and-carlota-vargasFernando Vargas, 41 allegedly broke his heel after fatally kicking his mother, Carlota Vargas, in the street outside their apartment building.

It’s been reported by the Los Angeles Police that mother and son were heard yelling at each other before Fernando pushed Carlota out of the window. He also jumped out of he window after her, and stomped on her head.

Carlota Vargas was rushed to Providence Holy Cross Medical Centre, but was pronounced D.O.A.

LAPD Detective, Mark O’Donnell, said a lot of neighbours called 911, before the police rushed to the scene.

He added that the incident has been the result of a domestic dispute.


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