She’s hot – Michelle Hunziker

At last !

We’ve found out the name of the She’s Hot Ozzie News (SHON) for 2012.

Her name is none other than Michelle Hunziker. And a big thank you to “A” (the same person who let us know about Gemma Atkinson) for informing us of the wonderful Michelle.

The winner of SHON 2012, Michelle Hunziker

Hot C…or should I say Michelle Hunziker, won on the votes convincingly, but it was a fairly tight race for most of the way.

I must say, it wasn’t only her beauty that won SHON 2012…it was also the wonderful pose, the sexy look…I mean, it is just simply a wonderful photograph.

Michelle Hunziger, the winner of SHON 2012

She was discovered by an Italian TV producer. In 1996, she co-hosted some shows. In summer she presented the prime time comedy show Paperissima Sprint.

Michelle wanted to extend her artistic abilities. Therefore she attended the professional academy M.A.S. in Milan with her choreographer Susanna Beltrami.

From 1999–2001 she presented the late night show Nonsolomoda where she reported about fashion and lifestyle.

Well, she was a worthy winner for SHON 2012…she may have a wonderful photo for us to defend her title for 2013…who knows.

But right now, that doesn’t matter because…she’s hot.



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