Mobile phones…I’m over them

The world has changed so much in just 50, or even 40 years. Ever since the video recorder was invented and made available for every person to have one, the world has just been on a ride that gets faster and faster.

Families had  1 car and it didn’t matter where you were, where your wife was, or anybody else, you just went through your day or evening and that, quite simply was that.

It’s not as simple nowadays. I mean, the mobile phone…you’ve gotta love it. Especially in this media driven world. When I say media driven, what I really mean is all sort of people can access it. And because there are lots of people that access the internet, there’s a reason to put more stuff on.

It’s a bit like television, in the way that there are so many cop/police programmes, you’d think there were enough of them…no…it means that people like them, so we’ll make some more.

Which leads me to pornography. I was once given a true figure of how much percentage of the internet is taken up with porn. This is about 10 years agp, and I was told that 92% of the internet was porn…this, in my opinion, breeds perverts.  All of these child-molesting perverts never really had an imagination. Of course, these sick fucks have always existed, but a lot of them just used to get a buzz out of flashing in a public place.Not that rapists needed the internet to be sick, of course, but the world just seems to be getting worse.

When a good thing happens and a tiny piece of faith in human nature is restored, along comes a big fuck-up, by an even bigger fuck-up, and then the law provides us with another big fuck-up…it’s all fucked. Tame prison sentences and other ridiculous things that go on which the government, any government could change if they had the balls. But first, they have to look further than 4 years. If YOU could see further than 4 years, that would mean that you probably care…it would, well, at least more than Julia Gillard and Tony Abbot, who both give us promises and they just can’t be really beieved.

The world is growing and doctors are finding cures for all sorts of ailments all the time. So it would seem a good idea to reinstate the death penalty. Yes it is harsh but these people don’t deserve breath the same air as me.

The internet has given a vehicle to breed the fantasy of these, “should-be-castrated”, persons.

I need my family to be safe, so if they are ever in trouble, all they’ve got to do is make a call to someone who can come and help them, whomever that may be.

So the mobile phone has surely got to be one of the most important inventions…ever.

Then why do I sometimes wish that I never had one?

Yes…mobile phones are great, but, and I don’t know about you, the novalty has really worn off.

What happened to good manners?

If I’m talking to a friend, face to face, on something social, then why do they put me on hold to answer the phone, do a text…why?

We all have voice mail, so why you let the voicemail take the call, and then when we’ve finished talking, dial to see what the message was. Just because the phone is ringing, it doesn’t mean you have to answer it, especially if you’re talking to me!

I don’t need my either neurotic, Short Man Syndrome or “have to display my power” bosses to contact me morning, noon and night! The job is done or it’s not, and as I want to get paid…you know, to live…and stuff, the job will more often than not, get done. And if it isn’t, then I will ring you, and guess what?…you don’t have to answer my call because your phone is ringing! You can listen to my voice message. In actual fact, you don’t have to speak to me at all.

I do understand that they are good and I suppose it’s like having a car…once you’ve got one, you’ll never know how you didn’t get on without it…I’m the same.

I wonder out of all the men reading this will get a phone call this afternoon, or maybe you already have, received a phone call from the wife/girlfriend about some trivial thing. I can see a lot of blokes walking around because their other half has told them what they must do before they get home, what they must do when you get home, etc., etc., etc.,…

The reason why the workforce was so good years ago was because the man only got moaned at when he went home…not when he was at work. So work became a place where a man could become at one with the world and do amazimg things. Of course there might have been arguments at work with the boss, but you’ll find that even the bosses were in their comfort zone at work in the days gone by.

So…the mobile phone…is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Could you get on without one? Now that would be an interesting experiment.

by Sel Hurst


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