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Robert Mugabe is Africa’s Adolf Hitler

This used to be, and was once known as the ‘Bread-basket of Africa’, because of its agricultural richness.

Today, Zimbabwe is at the mercy of its dictator, President Robert Mugabe.

Unemployment is to 90% and communities exist in poverty and squalor, but it’s the horrific violence that’s driving two million refugees across the border to South Africa.

Death squads armed with machetes stalk the country and countless Mugabe opponents have been jailed, tortured and murdered.

Thousands more have died from starvation since Mugabe drove out 4000 white farmers, with his ‘land reform’ rule.

Mugabe, who has ruled for far too long, compares himself to Adolf Hitler. And it’s not just the small moustache that is similar. He once said, “Let me be a Hitler tenfold”.

But the fact of the matter is, he’s probably killed more people already, than Hitler ever did.

He’s a lunatic – why doesn’t the world stop this tyrant?

Sadam Hussein was a Tyrant and so was Osama Bin Laden – they were stopped. Let’s get rid of this disgraceful human being (I use the┬áterm ‘human being very lightly) – this leader should not lead any mpre and deserves to die.

by Sasha Dubronitz

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