Rudd is back!

So the man who said he didn’t want the job is back as Prime Minister.

Australia is well known for mateship. Standing up for your fellow man, Standing true and being a loyal friend.

Kevin Rudd is back

Am I surprised at Kevin’s about turn? Not really…it’s what is expected from a politician. I did not agree with Julia Gillards decisions. But she was a brave and courageous leader. She took a lot of flack and stood tall. But were her choices of cabinet  ministers, advisers and close friends in parliament a safe decision? But two points do surprise me.

The first point is her inability to chose loyal and true mates.

These so-called colleagues remain in office after backstabbing and changing sides at the last moment, and then leaving her to face the music alone, is a tragedy. The second point is, how can these so-called colleagues stand at an election and expect Australians who believe in mateship, loyalty and keeping their word to vote for them?

These turncoats now have been appointed to ministerial positions does not bode well for Kevin Rudd’s acumen at selecting his ministers.

If they stabbed Gillard, surely they can be expected to be uncertain colleagues in the future.

Polls suggest Kevin Rudd has regained lost ground and is leading Tony Abbott. But polls are not real people.

It’s going to take time before all Australians forget this bloodbath.

What do I think about Kevin Rudd replacing Julia Gillard? …whatever it looks like on the outside, they are both the same underneath…

by Tommy Taylor


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