Robin Gibb is at death’s door

Pop legend Robin Gibb was in a coma last night, amid fears he has only days to live.

The 62-year-old star’s family were keeping a bedside vigil.

Robin has been battling colon and liver cancer and now has pneumonia.

Family and fans of the Bee Gees singer were last night praying for his survival.

The singer, whose many hits include How Deep Is Your Love, recently appeared to have made a miracle recovery.

But doctors now believe a secondary tumour is present…and he has worryingly developed pneumonia.

Robin’s wife Dwina, brother Barry, 65, daughter Melissa, 37, and sons Spencer, 39, and Robin-John, 29, were at his bedside in a private hospital in  Chelsea, West London.

A family friend said: “Our prayers are with Robin. He has kept so positive and always believed he could beat this.

“Sadly, it looks like he has developed pneumonia, which is very bad in his situation.

“If there is anyone you would put money on pulling through such a dire situation, it would be Robin because he is a fighter. But this is a battle he will struggle to win.”

Robin’s health problems began in October 2010, when he had emergency surgery to treat a blocked bowel.

He then had further surgery to treat a twisted bowel — the condition that  killed his twin brother Maurice nine years ago at the age of 53.

Colon cancer was diagnosed and it spread to his liver.

As he battled to recover, the star launched into composing a requiem for The Titanic, the doomed ship for which he has had a lifelong fascination.

The music, co-written with his son Robin-John — dubbed RJ — was premiered in central London on Thursday. Sadly, Robin was too ill to attend.

RJ said his dad — whose career has stretched from the 1960s to the present…was heartbroken to miss the live performance.

He said: “It was the one place he really wanted to be and he couldn’t be.”

He earlier cancelled a meeting with David Cameron because he felt unwell and that month was rushed to hospital.

He had to cancel an appearance at the Soldiering Awards charity event last month after he was rushed to hospital for emergency stomach treatment.

His agent said it was a cause “extremely close to his heart” and he still hoped to unveil a memorial to RAF Bomber Command on June 28.

Robin, who lives in a 12th-century abbey in Thame, Oxfordshire, fears his  cancer and the deaths of two of his brothers is fate paying him back for his  successful career.

He said last month: “I sometimes wonder if all the tragedies my family  has suffered…like Andy and Maurice dying so young and everything that’s  happened to me recently…is a kind of karmic price we are paying for all  the fame and fortune we’ve had.”

Praising poet wife Dwina for aiding his cancer fight, he said: “She gave me health foods and brewed herb teas for me, alongside conventional treatment.”

The Bee Gees — Robin, Barry and Maurice — sold more than 200million records with hits including Gotta Get A Message To You, Massachusetts, Stayin’ Alive and Night Fever.

Robin said last month he was in remission from cancer, adding: “I can’t wait  to carry on with my work. I want all my fans to know their love helps me so  much.”

by Robbo Green


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