Ready, sshhteady…(hicup)…drink,…and go!

This is the route the competitors will have to complete to re-enact Ben Cousins’ bolt from a booze bus.

This is a challenge among challenges, and is a must for any Ben Cousins fan

Folk who compete in the Ben Cousins Biathlon will see retrace steps of the ex-footy star. The race will start from where Cousins abandoned his girlfriend at the time, Samantha Druce.

It wason the Canning Highway when Samantha was left while Cousins bolted from the booze-bus.

Featuring a run and swim the event will prove a challenge for sober competitors who are not paid bucket-loads to remain in peak physical condition. Cousins did actually start to swim across the river before he turned back, because he would probably have drowned.

Although, I think it would be far better for the race to start in the nearest pub, down about 5 pints in an hour and then go on the booze-bolt. It would be far more entertaining than watching real athletes complete the course so they can feel good about themselves and to top up their egos.

A Facebook group inviting people to participate so far has more than 1900 people attending, with numbers increasing by the hour.

Cousins pissed up Biathlon was revealed in his recent documentary. The organisers of this event have retraced Cousins’ movements and are confident that on Saturday 12th of February 2011, the Cousins Biathlon will go ahead and be a roaring success.

The real Cousins bolt involved running through backyards, jumping fences, swimming out to the middle of the river and back, and running up to the Blue Water Grill to demand a phone call and deny his true identity.

Organiser Damon Bull said the event would be a real celebration of Cousins’ abilities, held on the fifth anniversary of his runner from the police.

“I saw the humour in some of the things he did,” Bull said of Cousins’ many escapades.

“When you grow up in Perth you can relate to some of what he has done. Everyone just likes a good time.”

The organisers are looking for people in the area to offer up their backyards to be included in the race and are tossing up whether to hold the after party at the Blue Water Grill where Cousins ended up.

The fun police will no doubt think this is a bad idea, giving young people the wrong message about doing runners from the police, drink driving and a myriad of other dodgy things the runner involved.

The organisers have floated the idea that Cousins himself might like to be involved in the event.

Buford Balony says: The only good thing too come out of Ben Cousins is this event. I agree with Dennis Cometti,do you?


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