Public beating for a ‘prick with knife’

It is becoming increasingly common to hear about a stabbing, or a glassing by a teenager or a ‘young person’ in Australia’s night-life, east and west alike.

So, in a way, it was no surprise to hear that a teenager was stabbed in the back at a Fremantle nightclub, Metropolis, on Saturday night.

I mean…stabbed in the back…these knife wielding cowards haven’t even got it in them to attack from the front.

I’m NOT saying that should you get stabbed, you would have more respect for the attacker if it was from the front. But young people, alcohol and not harsh enough sentencing all adds up to problems on an evening out in a night club.

I think that Police should give these cowardly thugs a good beating. I don’t care if we see Police brutality on 7 news. In fact, it would make me feel a lot happier to see a person, who thinks he’s hard because he carries a knife around, get his face smashed in for the world to see…he sure wouldn’t feel tough afterwards. and neither would any other ‘prick with a knife’.

And before you ask, no, I’m, not a fascist. I’m just sick and tired, as I’m sure a good percentage of you are too, of  these nasty bastards getting away with it.

I was over in Perth at Christmas and my friend and I were walking past The Elephant in Northbridge at about 7:30 in the evening. It wasn’t a knife attack that was the problem here. It was the management who refused entry  to us, as I also like to call, ‘Managers who are Pricks’.

This 21 year-old who must have only started shaving about 6 months ago refused my friend because he, “didn’t like the way he was walking”. I explained to the manager, who indeed was a prick, but nevertheless…

I explained to him that he was ‘walking funny’ because he had been injured in Iraq, which was absolutely true. We were still refused entry, well I was allowed in but not my pal. We didn’t make a big deal about it and went on to somewhere else.

That evening I found out that there was trouble in the pub and there was blood, and the police had arrived and etc., etc.,…

The point being is that I me and my friend are both in our early forties and really don’t go out to start trouble and would rather walk away than get into a fight, as probably most decent people would.

Another point is that the wrong people are being given the alcohol.

Bouncers, please check punters for weapons, and can the police make my life happier and give these ‘Pricks with knives’ a proper beating, take them into a van and do it if you have to.

This will hopefully deter my kids and other peoples kids from being a ‘Prick with knife’.

by Sel Hurst


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