President Trump could make the US great again

Donald Trump has won the race for the White House and become the 45th President of the United Sates of America.


President Trump spoke the words:

“It is time for us to come together as one people”

“The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no more”

“We will finally take care of our veterans”

“We will have great relations with countries who want to have great relations with us”

He thanked his parents looking down on him and was very gracious towards Hillary Clinton saying that she has done great work for her country and she pushed him hard, but now was the time heal the old wounds of the country.

president-trumpMany didn’t want to vote for either parties, Republican OR the Democrats, but they didn’t want Hillary Clinton.

She is the most corrupt person to hit politics in a long time – or she’s too stupid to protect herself and get caught. Because let’s face it, most politicians are corrupt.

But President Trump isn’t a politician – he’s a business man.

In his day-to-day world, he is used to fixing things, and to make the day, and situations run smoothly.

Yes he has made mistakes in his comments regarding women and race. And in comparism with Clinton, he has been quite honest.

Nobody knows what he’s really going to do now he is President…which is quite a scary thought. But he has the potential to do good.

Obama is, obviously a nice bloke, but he hasn’t actually done anything, or even really stood up for anything in the eight years he has been in power – I believe that Trump can, and will, achieve more in the first four years.

President Trump says alot of what Americans are thinking but too frightened to say…to frightened to speak up for the the sake of political correctness. And to clone a phrase, yes, political correctness has gone, and is mad.

Watching the US Election, I saw a lot of ‘political experts’ talk about who the blacks, hispanics and women¬†are going to for. Nothing was hardly mentioned about the economy…let alone the billions of dollars that are spent overseas. I’ll tell you something, it got me thinking about money that is spent from Australia overseas…I wouldn’t mind a Donald Trump character to reveal what our government spend.

And that is one of the reasons why Donald Trump is President – he has got nothing to hide. Again, yes he has had a few items that have been brought out of the cupboard for all to see, but he hasn’t hidden from them.

So, congratulations to President Trump. You have the opportunity to prove all of those doubters wrong.

by Sel Hurst




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