Predictions for 2017

I have my predictions for 2017 – some are obvious, but in todays political climate I suppose we aren’t going to be surprised at anything anymore.

Hopefully the war in Syria will end in 2017 – I think it will.

The USA, Russia and Iran will work together to try and bring peace to Syria. Trump will find it extremely difficult trying to patch together the fall out between Obama, Putin and the nuclear deal with Iran. He inherited a dangerous pathway between friends and enemies. Together the Russians and Iranians will broker a deal with Trump.

President Trump being ambassador to Israel is a mistake. ISIS will use this appointment to ensure the Arab countries support them in the fight against Israel.

Iran will be more assertive once Syria is settled. They will not support Iraq, but it is too soon for them to openly back ISIS against Israel…especially as Israel has US support and a dangerous weapons arsenal.

ISIS will continue to bring misery to the Middle-East. Iran and Saudi Arabia will form closer links with Russia, and sanctions will be lifted as Russia and The West reach agreements over Ukraine.

At home, President Trump starts successfully but staggers from back stabbing and commercial in fighting.

Religion stages a strong comeback, with many seeking to understand the latest string of disasters. Huge waves, high winds and earthquakes cause many to seek relief in religion. Damage to the environment causes heat waves and threats to coral and ice caps.

Refugee problems raise threats from expanding spread of terrorism in Muslim communities around the world – and with this comes stern warnings from the Christian religion.

Australia will seek to limit spread of Islam in the country, and enter a dispute with Indonesia over refugees.

The rise in deceitful spread of misinformation and lies by opposition leaders cause elections to give false results.

Independent and Greens gain advantages in governments.

There will be exciting news from space – discovery and exploration with new ideas in discussion around the world.

Big surprises over Brexit – are they in or out?

Famous politicians to leave office both north and south of the equator.

We will lose famous names from our TV and Hollywood.

Another sad time for the Royals. Expect revelations and departures.

And lastly news of a gold find in Australia, during the year a stronger stock market. Currency remains too high and this effects exports, and a successful budget brings the rates under control once more.

The above predictions may come true, and they may not – but these are just possibilities of what may happen next year.

by Mike Hansom



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