Pre-schools are breeding kids with no manners

Pre-schools are breeding a generation of toddlers with no manners.

There are so many ‘chaotic’ pre-schools that allow children to do what they want all day long, leaving them unable to sit still and listen by the time they get to primary school.

In Western civilisation, there are many pre-schools filled with toddlers ‘running around with no sense of purpose.

In France, children typically start working with a graduate-level teacher from the age of two and are expected to say ‘hello’ when an adult enters the room.

Children aren't being taught mannersThere is evidence that up to a million women want to work but are put off by nursery or childminder costs.

This isn’t about two-year-olds doing academic work – the system needs to be structured play, which teaches children to be polite and considerate through activities which the teacher is clearly leading.

At the moment fewer than one-third of pre-schools employ graduate-level teachers and have structured, teacher-led sessions.

What you notice in French nurseries is just how calm they are. All of their classes are structured and led by teachers. It’s a requirement. They learn to socialise with each other, pay attention to the teacher and develop good manners.

‘In these settings where there aren’t sufficiently qualified staff, and children are running around, which means there are seldom positive outcomes.

Children need to get into the habit of waiting their turn, of saying hello to the teacher when they come into the room.

In short…children are getting ruder because there is no discipline in the home, and teachers are powerless because they are not allowed to discipline any more…which means, children can do anything they like, because there are no consequences whatsoever.

by Sel Hurst


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