Prank DJ’s are unlikely to face charges

The two DJ’s whose prank call was blamed for a nurse’s suicide are unlikely to face charges.

Tragic mum Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was found hanged days after being tricked. She put the Aussie DJs’ call through to pregnant Kate Middleton’s hospital room where she was being treated for extreme morning sickness.

Cops in Sydney revealed that no request has been received from Scotland Yard to interview pranksters Mel Greig, 30, and Michael Christian, 25. “Nor do we expect there to be any requests,” said police chief Nick Kaldas.

Brit police submitted a file to the Crown Prosecution Service last week — but Oz police believe it would be difficult to find a charge that could be laid against the 2Day FM hosts.

Greig and Christian rang London’s King Edward VII Hospital this month pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles.

Jacintha, from Bristol, was found dead three days later. She had tried to kill herself twice in the past year.

by Robbo Green


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