Please look after our country, Julia

So Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister and if she is the one to lead our country for the next four years,  we should give her our full support.

It was close, very close. But how many votes did the Labor party get? Did Julia get more votes than Tony?

It is a democracy and that is a great thing but for all the democratic procedures that are in place, the future of Australia was left in the hands of the Independents, who hardly got a vote in the first place.

Why can’t we look at the total amount of votes from the whole of the country and see who has got the most votes. Call me old-fashioned but the winner is usually the first past the post.

I don’t suppose it really matters, because whoever has been in power has never actually helped me with anything. All that’s happened throughout my life, and yours, is that “things” have become more expensive. Electicity, taxes etc., etc….have all gone up and keep going up. You will always hear your parents and grandparents going on about how you could go to the movies, take your girlfriend out to dinner, go to the pub all for the price of two and a half cents.

So you see, everyone all around the world, including us, are in a constant state of becoming more miserable because the price of life is going up.

Western Australians are blaming Colin Barnet for putting electricity up but if it wasn’t him, it’d be someone else.

In all seriousness, you, me, the Australian will never be looked after properly. I am a male over 40, I have all of my limbs, I’m not a lesbian, I haven’t broken the law, I’m not of an ethnic minority group and I didn’t arrive here on a boat. All of the things in the previous sentence are being pampered to by the government…it doesn’t matter which one, they will all do the same. So we will all, at some point in our lives begin to feel like we don’t belong in our own country. Unfortunately, I am a white man who is Australian who doesn’t sponge off the state and tries my best to be a good citizen to others. Apparently, this is not good enough and I know that my efforts to be a good Australian will be overlooked by the powers that be. This isn’t a dig at lesbians, the handicapped or under 40’s, but my point is that it just begins to feel like a large section of the country gets forgotten about sometimes.

Take a look at Britain. I have friends that live in suburbs of London. I would love Julia Gillard to live in Southhall or Stockwell for a few weeks, and maybe our newly voted in Prime Minister can start to look further than four years. Because all that is going to happen is our Prime Minister will try to stay in power for 4 years rather than thinking of the next 10 years, and have policies that will hopefully keep the voteres voting for them in 4 years time. Actually, it would just be nice to have a person with the balls (no offence Julia, I’m sure you have massive balls) to think of Australias on a real long term basis.

Because if you go to Southall, Stockwell and pretty much any other place in the suburbs of London, you won’t find any British people there. In actual fact, you will get the third degree from the locals. In Southall, there are only Muslims. In Dublin, Ireland, they are all Polish.

Yes people should be allowed to live wherever they want. I suppose it’s a bit like Foxtel. When you first sign up you get a little deal heer, a little deal there, and once you’re part of Foxtel you’re forgotten about. Because all of a sudden, Foxtel will come up with a great deal for new customers…what about the old ones…what about the ones that have always been here with you…you know, the ones that pay their bill on time and don’t even make much of a stink when you might sometimes mess the bill up. People are taken for granted. Well, I don’t want Australians to be taken for granted.

Everywhere, the British governement (doesn’t matter which one, again they’re all the same) has pampered to everyone, every nation, every different group of people…apart from the British person.

Now, all of these groups that have been pampered to are the new British. Julia, please do yourself and Australia a favour and please visit London or get one of your colleagues to go there. There’s a lesson to be learnt from the demise of the Motherland. Why do you think there are so many Brits and Irish over here? Have alook at how many people are leaving the country because one day it could be Australians “fleeing” to another country because they don’t feel looked after and feel like a minority in their own country.

But enough moaning. Congratulations Julia. Good luck and make sure you keep August the 10th free on your calendar for “Ranga Day”.

My brother voted for you because he’s a Ranga, too. As a fellow Ranga you didn’t even reach out to him and he still voted for you…God help us all.

by Sel Hurst


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