Pete auctions Amy Winehouse ‘blood-painting’

Pete Doherty will trouser a fortune auctioning a grisly painting splattered with the blood of Amy Winehouse.

The artwork, called Ladylike, is being flogged with a bunch of the junkie rocker’s other belongings, including guitars, notebooks and his military jackets, later this month.

A source said: “Bidding is expected to reach at least $100,000, but the sky’s the limit. There’s been furious interest in this piece from collectors wanting to own a real piece of Amy.“

The sale has sparked disgust among fans of the late Rehab singer, as she created the work while telling worried dad Mitch on the phone that Pete was “making” her do it.

Doherty says a percentage of the profits will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

by Wallace McTavish


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