Perth lolly heist goes wrong

A sweet-toothed Ozzie thief looking to get his next sugar high has been busted by police in hospital after he sliced open his hand whilst allegedly breaking into a shop.

The teenager from Perth, reportedly broke into an store with two others in an attempt to steal lollies.

But all went wrong when the 16-year-old tried to jump the front counter and put his hand clean through a receipt spike which was sitting near the register.

Despite the injury, the trio managed to fill their pockets with sweets and take the injured thief to hospital.

After getting x-rays in a local hospital, the law caught up with the offenders when police asked staff whether anyone with an injury had presented themselves.

Once hospital staff provided information the boy and his friends, 16 and 18, were arrested and taken to the Midland police station.

‘One of the offenders, a 16-year-old boy, has impaled his left hand on the spike which has proceeded all the way through his hand and right out the other side,’ police spokesman Sergeant Gerry Cassidy told reporters.

The trio were charged with aggravated burglary.


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