Optical illusion – What colour do you see?

Everyone is unique and this illusion is proof.


After concentrating on the revolving image each person will see a different colour. Some see yellow, some green and a rare few will see red.

The optic wheel is named Benham’s top after the renowned Victorian toymaker from Essex, England, Charles Benham.

Benham created the moving pattern for a spinning top in 1895.

Scientists are not sure why people see different colours.

One theory being suggested is that due to the receptors in someone’s retina and at what rates people respond to red, blue and green light.

According to Washington University: ‘It is possible that the colours seen in spinning Benham disks are the result of changes that occur in the retina and other parts of the visual system’.

‘For example, the spinning disks may activate neighbouring areas of the retina differently. In other words, the black and white areas of the disk stimulate different parts of the retina.’


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