One of the worst dates in history

This could be one of the worst dates in modern history.

Hiren Pinaken Shah, 22, took pictures of himself and a female friend engaging in sexual intercourse and allegedly sent said pictures to several contacts in the woman’s phone.

Those contacts included the woman’s mother and 14-year-old brother, a police report says.

According to the report, Shah, who lives in Acworth, a suburb of Atlanta, USA, was arrested after the pictures were sent out.

Shah allegedly snapped pictures of himself and his partner having sex and then distributed them to some of the woman’s contacts last Sunday, the arrest warrant states.

Shocked recipients included the woman’s mother, sister, 14-year-old brother, and a friend.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Shah was charged with felony child cruelty and two misdemeanours of having and distributing obscene materials.

The warrant doesn’t mention whether the photographs in question were sent out intentionally or by accident.

It does, however, state that Shah ‘maliciously cause the victim…cruel or excessive physical or mental pain, to wit’ to his lover’s brother.

He is currently being held in the Cobb County Jail and has not yet posted bond, the Journal-Constitution said.

Texting sexually explicit photographs – often called sexting – has gotten many people in trouble, from teens to teachers and everyone in between.

by Sasha Dubronitz



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