Nymphomaniac tries to kill man with sex

A man was left crying in the street after he was forced to repeatedly pleasure a German nymphomaniac.

“I met her on a bus… She invited me back here. Oh God, it was hell. I can’t walk. Please help me,” he told Munich police when they found him in tears outside her apartment after the 36-hour episode.

The man only escaped her apartment after the woman fell asleep.

The same 47-year-old woman was arrested in April after she picked up 43-year-old craftsman Dieter Schultz.

Munich Police issued a statement confirming that they met at a pub at 1.30pm.

The statement said: “The woman took the new acquaintance in her apartment. There came the repeated act of love.”

It also said the man tried to leave, but the woman would not let him.

When he called police for help, Schultz claimed she was trying to “kill me with sex”.

The woman reportedly tried to seduce the two arresting officers with a “quickie” – who politely declined.

by John Jackson


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