Nuclear Waste…when will it stop?

I must speak out about nuclear pollution pouring into the ocean.

How long will the leak continue?

How far will it spread?

How long will the damage to our oceans last? Do you remember the oil leak last year?

If we do not stop these leaks it won’t only be our sea life in trouble…it’ll be our very own lives in peril.

From this latest disaster we will at least learn to stop using nuclear energy and stop building new reactors. The use of long life dangerous minerals, which we cannot dispose of safely, must stop.

All the major countries should immediately send resources to seal the leak in Japan. It must not continue to spread death into our oceans.

When the Chernobyl plant sent radiation clouds into the skies, it caused livestock as far away as Wales to be contaminated. Can you imagine how far away the contamination will be from Japan after this latest calamity? Beware Australia and the USA, be careful when eating tuna and fish from the sea.

It’s time to join together and merge world knowledge on nuclear energy, and help those people suffering in Japan.  



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