No compo for injuries during sex

A public servant who suffered an injury while she was having sex on a work trip won’t be getting any compo.

The woman, who suffered a nose injury and damaged teeth during the ‘moment of passion’ in 2007, had her bid for compensation knocked back by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Her injuries occurred when a glass light fitting came away from the wall as she was having sex with a man in a country town.

Counsel for the work safety agency Comcare told the appeal hearing ‘a frolic of the applicant’s own’ could only result in compensation in certain circumstances.

She should have let her employer know she planned to get frisky if she wanted to be able to claim worker’s compensation, Andrew Berger said.

‘If it is a quintessentially private activity it is not fair that taxpayers pay for the consequences of that activity,’ he said.

by Harry Harper


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