Messed up again, Ben

Ben Cousins was arrested in Canning Vale, Perth on Monday – and the question has to be asked… ‘is he ever going to kick his drug habit?’

Cousins has been charged with possession of methamphetamine and other charges of breaching a restraining order.

ben-cousins-arrested-for-drug-possession-and-breaching-a-restraining-orderHe appeared at Armadale Magistrates Court today, and was granted bail, but told to stay away from his ex-girlfriend. It has been reported that he was confused when told to stay away from his ex (who is also the mother of his two children aged 5 and 3).

Ben Cousins was last in the news when he was found directing traffic on a Perth highway. He was out-of-his-head and was reported to have tried to jump on the back of a motor-bike – he was later taken to hospital.

Ben Cousins was named the AFL Rising Star in 1996, captained the Eagles, was an All Australian six times, won the Brownlow Medal in 2005, and won the Premiership with West Coast Eagles in 2006 – where did it all go wrong?

After the West Coast Eagles won the Grand Final ten years ago, he was suspended by the club for substance abuse and sent to a rehab facility in America. He was then arrested for drug possession and banned from playing in the AFL for twelve months – it seems things haven’t changed much in ten years.

After his year long ban, he was offered a lifeline when Richmond signed him. He played his last game in 2010.

Cousins was such an amazing player, who created so much on the field.

He’s had the help of the West Coat Eagles and Richmond…but he’s not really helping himself.

Look at George Best. One of the greatest talents in sport…what a waste…not only of the talent, but also of his life.

For Ben Cousins, I can only see this ending up one way. It’s unfortunate, but quite possibly true.

I would like to see him get focused on something positive…but I don’t think that’s going to happen too soon. I do hope he gets himself sorted out, but he seems to have this self-destructive nature.

He will next appear in court on November 22.


Terence Johns


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