Man’s leg almost chopped off in attack

Last night, a man was attacked by a group of men with a machette. His legs and arms were hacked at by the attackers.

The man has horrific injuries to his arms and legs.

Surgeons are trying to save his leg at Royal Perth Hospital. He is in a stable condition but will undergo more surgery probably today.

Det-Const. Neil Van Der Plank, of Armadale police, said the man, believed to be in his early 20s, had been dropped at a house in Merrifield Avenue, in Kelmscott, Western Australia by his girlfriend. He was very soon after, bashed by up to six men.

It is unclear why this happened or what could’ve caused it. There are still a number of suspects yet to be questioned.

Police said the man was with a friend in Merrifield Avenue when he became involved in a fight with the group around 7:30 last night.

It is believed that the men where know to each other, but have yet to establish the motive behind the attack.


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