Man runs over his wife in backyard

An elderly Melborne woman is in hospital after her husband lost control of his car and ran over her in their driveway.

The 87-year-old woman is fighting for her life after she was run over by a Ford Falcon station wagon in the driveway of their Fawkner home.

Sen-Constable Sean Foley from Fawkner Highway Patrol said the crash was an accident.

“He lost control of the vehicle and subsequently struck his wife behind the gate and then the vehicle continued through the garage and into the rear neighbour’s fence,’’ Sen-Constable Foley said.

“We don’t know the cause of the accident so we can’t really comment on how it happened.’’

Intensive care paramedic Tim Sandford said that when they arrived at the house around 1pm, 11 minutes after the emergency call, they found the woman conscious and in severe pain. The man was unharmed.

“The woman was lying in the back yard in a large amount of distress, aware of what had happened, but confused.

“She had very nasty lacerations to her head and obvious fractures to both of her arms, her pelvis, her upper right leg and right ankle.

“We used a drip to give her pain relief to make her more comfortable and fluids to stabilise her blood pressure.

“We then were able to splint all of her fractures to keep her bones straight and used equipment to protect her spine as we moved her to a stretcher.

Emergency crews found the woman lying in her backyard “among the broken crockery of her pot plants”.

Mr Sandford said it appeared the car had travelled down the woman’s driveway and through a shed before hitting her.

The car then continued through the backyard and crashed through a rear fence before coming to a stop in the next door neighbour’s property.

Mr Sandford said the amount of injuries the woman received would be hard enough for a young person to recover from and said the woman faced a hard road to recovery.

Police said they were investigating the crash.


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