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Man moons the Queen

Police arrested 22-year-old Liam Warriner from Sydney and charged him with wilful exposure and public nuisance offences after he allegedly flashed his bottom as the Queen and Duke were en route from Brisbane Airport to a wharf where they began their river journey through the flood-ravaged city.

Speaking after his release on bail, Liam said that he dropped his pants when the Queen waved at him, to reveal an Australian flag between his bare backside.

The shipping container worker said that colleagues had dared him to do it.

He told a newspaper reporter: “I mooned the Queen.

“Everybody’s seen someone’s butt, come on. You see it on TV all the time, you see it in movies, it’s accepted in PG rated programming these days, but yet it’s an offence to the Queen.”

Liam will appear before local magistrates on Friday.

Despite the bum note, The Queen received a rapturous welcome in Brisbane as she praised the “resilience and courage” of Australians who endured devastating floods earlier this year.

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