Man invents ‘sand-resistant’ beach towel

An Australian entrepreneur claims to have invented a beach towel that will not transfer sand from the seaside to cars.

Beach towel

Baz Brown, who is based on Queensland’s Gold Coast, says his patented invention will allow holiday-makers to “leave the beach at the beach.”

Explaining how the product works, he said: “Unlike regular beach towel where sand can get trapped in the loopy fibres, the Sandusa’s smooth nylon backing allows sand to slip off easily, leaving it dry and sand free.”

The underside of the towel is described as waterproof, meaning sand should not seep through if the towel gets wet. The front side is made of a more recognisable towelling material.

Mr Brown says, “If you throw sand on the Sandusa it is going to get covered in sand. The towelling side is just like a normal towel so if you get sand on that side and stomp all over it, it will remain sandy like a regular towel would.”


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