Man has stroke, wakes up, and speaks fluent Welsh

Englishman Alun Morgan left doctors lost for words when he came to after a stroke…speaking Welsh.

Alun Morgan, 81, was evacuated to Wales in World War II as a child and had never learned the language.

But when he regained consciousness after the serious stroke…he was fluent in it.

Alun fell ill while watching the news with wife Yvonne earlier this year.

When he came round in hospital three weeks later, he’d replaced his native English with Welsh. Alun said: “It gave my wife the shock of her life. The doctors didn’t know what I was saying.”

The ex-Royal Navy Air Commodore had aphasia…which causes a shift in the brain’s language centre. Doctors think the Welsh Alun heard as a boy was unlocked by the stroke.

As Alun recovers, he’s finding it tougher to speak Taff.

He said: “I’ve almost forgotten it. But it was an amazing experience.”

by Sasha Dubronitz


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