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Man has one thousand children through sperm donation

A documentary maker claims to have up to 1,000 siblings through sperm banks.

Barry Stevens, of Toronto, says his siblings are spread across the U.S., Canada, Europe and beyond.

His revelation comes amid increasing concerns over the lax rules for sperm donors in America.

Some countries have laws officially limiting the number of children who can be born from a single donor, but in the U.S. and Canada no law exists.

Sparm banks set their own regulation, but these are often ignored.

Among the concerns over sperm banks is the practice of trying to create a ‘designer’ baby by choosing a donor from a catalog, based on eye colour, physique or IQ level.
That practice has meant some of these donors, like Mr Stevens, have now left a huge legacy.

Fertility experts are now warning that the over-reliance on one donor increases the risk of the transmission of genetic diseases and malformations.

There are also concerns about the dangers of inadvertent incest between half-siblings.

Mr Stevens, who has made films about his search for his real father and his half-siblings, said: ‘We can’t exclude the possibility that children of one donor can meet and have sex, and children, and indeed the possibility that the donor himself could have sex with his daughter.’


  1. Absolutely crazy that any kind, intelligent man would donate through a sperm bank not knowing anything about who will have the sperm – and how many children will be created. And by donating through a sperm bank they are denying their children a realistic opponity to know of them – and to meet them- until 18 at the earliest. By then their identities are formed. The research is clear- it is unkind for anyone to bring a child into the world and deny him his basic right to self-information.
    Thank goodness for sites lke FSDW where men can donate and choose the recipient- keep in contact- and meet the child if the child wants this.
    This man has over 1000 biological children? Does that not scare him- there are statistically (according to a recent large scale study of DC children) around 700- 800 of those that want to meet him.
    Men need to take responsiblity and stop donating without limits and without the sharing of information. Until the fertility authorities ‘get it’ no man should donate to a sperm bank or clinic.

    Children first

    Emma Hartnell-Baker
    The Child Listenerâ„¢- A Voice for Kids
    Creator of the Children Deserve to Know Where They Come From Campaign.

  2. I see Anonymous Father documentary and i heard that this donor, the biological father of Mr Steven, donated from the early 40’s until the late 60’s.
    He probably fathered between 500 and 1000 offsprings: he was the husband of a woman working in a fertility clinic and he was asked by her to do it.
    This man is now dead so we can’t ask him anything, but i stronbly believe we should not judge badly these donoros of the past: many of them weren’t told about the number of offrpings who could be produced by them. Untile the 80’s-90’s there was not a clear knowledge of the consequences of donating sperm so we cannot judge these men.
    What we can do is to learn from the mistakes of the past especially regarding the issue of anonymity as i think this is the huge problem, not so much the number of offsprings.
    Unfortunately also many countries in Europe seems not to learn from these mistakes and they still keep donors (egg and sperm ones) anonymous with all the bad consequences for the kids that we already know. This is Spain for example, very populare especially for anonymous egg donation.
    I hope something will change…

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