Man gets driving ban riding motorised beer cool box

An Australian man has been banned from driving after being caught riding his motorised beer cool box after a few too many.

Chris Petrie, 23, purchased the $630 vehicle, which consists of a beer cooler strapped to a 50cc scooter, from the internet.

As any man interested in such a conveyance would, he promptly filled the cooler with beverages as soon as it arrived.

Alas, Mr Petrie couldn’t help enjoying a few as he assembled the scooter, and when it came to take it for a test ride, he was a little worse for wear.

‘By the time we built it was quite late. So we thought we’d go for a bit of a test run,’ said Mr Petrie.

However, cops pulled over the driver of the unusual contraption and breathalysed him, finding Mr Petrie to be three times over the legal blood-alcohol limit.

In court to receive his sentence, Mr Petrie told the judge that the cooler box had been ‘fully loaded’ with cans of rum and cola.

The drink-driving charge, combined with the fact he did not have a licence, earned him a ten-month ban and a $500 fine.


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