Make yourself smell nice…try some curry perfume

This has got to be the worst idea since someone went up to Schapelle Corby and said, “Can you hold this bag for me while I nip off for a piss”.

A new range of curry perfume has been developed.

The five unisex sents are a blend of coriander, cinnamon leaf, celery seed, sandalwood and other ingredients that you wouldn’t dream of using as perfume.

David Jenkins, editor of curry magazine Chaat! reckons they are naan-tastic. He said, “Everyone loves a good curry, so who wouldn’t want to smell like their favourite.”

Some of the ‘colognes¬†are called Tikka Massala, Korma, Madras, Rogan Josh and Vindaloo.

When Chaat! asked readers to vote on their top five Indian food smells, perfume company ‘Essentially Me’ then created the fragrances, and they are to go on sale in a few months time but prices haven’t been fixed as of yet.

The Poms will probably love it though, as it is their national dish.

Probably at some point the St George Cross will turn into the St George Crescent…apparently, St George wasn’t even English…he was Turkish.

by Sel Hurst


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