Lynx to open sexy resort

Lynx, the deodorant giant, is making an even bigger name for itself.

The plans have been draughted to open a men-only holiday resort. The resort will have mud wrestling, massages, and sexy wake-up calls from beautiful girls.

The Lynx Lodge is going to be advertised as the “ultimate man-action destination” with back rubs and breakfast in bed. So it’s no surprise that critics have branded the Lynx Lodge as sexist.

The website states, “Every day will leave you utterly shagged.”

A spokeswoman for the Australian project said, “The concept is a play on male fantasy, so the girls are there to hang out and ensure guests have fun.”

Matt Southern, who protests against this denounced the lodge on its own facebook page as just a cheap marketing ploy.

Cheap marketing ploy? Cheap marketing ploy for what? It says exactly what it is on the tin.

But what really gets me is that this Matt Southern, who obviously doesn’t like it, has absolutely too much time on his hands. Listen, I don’t like opera. It offends me because…it just does. And…I can’t even be bothered to get in an arguement about it. But just because I don’t like it, why should I protest about somebody else who likes it?

If there is some form of inhumane project going on, then fine…Matt, I’ll be by your side all the way, but come on mate…what have you really got against it.

Yes, I do think that Lady Gaga is poisoning childrens minds (and that’s not only the shit music that produces). The fact is that on MTV, where she can be seen all of the time, is a disgrace. But this Lynx Lodge…you can say yes or no to it…people aren’t going to see it everyday, and it’s not poisoning childrens minds because it’s not for children.

Matt Southern, why don’t you just concentrate on what you like in life? Not everybody likes Abba, not everybody likes Hip-Hop, not everybody likes peanut butter.

So Matt, just get on with your life and mind your own bloody business.

Lynx Lodge opens in November at Lake Macquarie in NSW.

by Milo Johnson


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