Live vasectomies planned in Adelaide

Men are being sought who are brave enough to “get the snip” in front of a live audience.

Live vasectomyOrganisers hope a number of public vasectomies can be performed in Adelaide later in the year.

The surgeon involved and academics will take questions from the audience during the procedure.

The Royal Institution of Australia’s Lisa Bailey said the organisation was keen to encourage wider and more open discussion on male contraception and population control.

“How vasectomy fits into cultural practices both in Australia and around the world and, to go along with all of this, we will actually be having live vasectomies performed on stage,” Ms Bailey said.

“We’re certainly not saying that this is the answer to global population or anything like that, but I think it’s a good way to get people starting to discuss how we do think about population, how we do think about managing birth rates and things like that?”

Patricia Montanaro of the Australian Medical Association said there would need to be safeguards for both the audience and men who agreed to have the procedure.

“Those safeguards would be for the patient, making sure they had full understanding of the procedure and also the possible psychological unexpected consequences of being in front of a live audience, but finally also for the public who might be viewing,” Ms Montanaro said.
“They need to have full disclosure to ensure they are aware of what they might be confronted by,” she said.


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