‘All in it together’ – Rememberance Day

I was alive and lived through the World War 2 and we have to remember just how much Australia gave of itself during two wars, when war was declared and the free world joined together to fight for survival.

Who do you think was first to back up the Motherland? Not wait for months or even years to make sure we all would survive.

In both wars Australia lead the way, our soldiers were professional and courageous, our sailors left home to protect us in far away and dangerous seas.

The air force was the only way to attack the enemy when we were on the defence.

Not only the services but everyone at home facing up to family members who would never come home, or were injured or suffered in prison camps. Everyone faced the difficulties and hardships and did their duty.

How different is it today.

We have adopted many nationalities into our country and the sense of, ‘all in it together’ has changed.

On the television a presenter was reporting the statement given by the bank executive.

He allegedly said, ‘The decision to raise bank rates will cause home owners to lose their homes, but it will be good for the countries finances’.

The response was shocking. Was the bank attacked for making billions of pounds profits? Where the executives vast salary compared to those whose homes were threatened?

No, the response was…’he comes from New Zealand’.

Years ago being called a Pommie was humorous, and provoked many a ribald comment.

Now being a Kiwi, a Ding, a Smack face and even a Pom is an insult, used by the younger element who doesn’t remember the sacrifices of Asians, Kiwis, and Poms who fought alongside our own young lads.

Almost all our ancestors were Poms, the ships bringing in the first Australians came from the UK. When you use derogatory names for our citizens, remember they are all Australians no matter where they originated.

During the month of November, try to bring back that spirit of, ‘all in it together’, as we recall the many who went off to war and those who sadly did not make it home.

by TOG


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