Labor’s losing ground

I was considering why Labor is losing ground in the opinion polls.

Julia Gillard consistently pushes ahead with policies to keep her small greens  and others happy.

Mineral taxes are given so many different spins that we lose out on where the money is going to, how much it will be and what are the benefits.

On decisions we the people would like her to take the lead on, she backs away .

This is a Christian country and the majority are against gay marriage and gays adopting children.  Ms Gillard decision is to let MP’s make a vote. Is this leading or ducking the issue?

Tony Abbott backs his Christian upbringing and says he is against gay marriage. Perhaps saying what he thinks is what has given him a lead over Labor. He may not be the sharpest tool in the box , but you know were you stand with him as a leader.

Good pollies may not be highly intellectual, but they can employ people with brains to tackle problems.

Leadership is what is needed.

He is accused of attacking policies instead suggesting new ideas. But is this new or a tactic employed by all parties?

Labor is running with the possibility of calling back Kevin Rudd. A party looking backwards and lacking vigour will almost certainly lose.

But don’t dismiss Gillard. It’s only an opinion poll and an election is a long way off. Expect her to show her metal and attack. She knows how to win and I for one would treat her with the greatest respect.

If only pollies (the ones who have two ears and one mouth) would listen twice as much as they speak.

I am not a homophile but I believe everyone has a voice, and majority has to rule. If we don’t want a mine tax or gay marriage, then please listen.

I watched with interest the various groups around the world who are protesting. Did you ever think, how do they tell their bosses they are taking time off to go to a protest march? Who pays their wages for weeks as they sit outside St Pauls in London or in Canberra?  Protesting in Arab countries for peace or change of a dictator to democratic rule is understandable…it’s a matter of life or death.

But is Tony and Jules worth taking time off to protest against?

Answers on a postage stamp to your best on line newspaper.

by Danny Mason


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