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Julia Gillard…stop ruining Australia

I read with interest the article by the finance reporter of Ozzie News.

I agree in part, especially about stopping the boat people before they arrive and leave Indonesia. Also how our pollies, especially Prime Minister Julia Gillard, do not understand the problem.

Spending large sums to stop boats is not the answer.

Spending large sums on what to do with them when they arrive, also is not the answer.

Our major problem is to stop them arriving in Indonesia, and then leaving Indonesia.

However what our reporter is failing to understand is the financial problems.

This week a boat of two hundred asylum seekers attempted to sail into Australia.

Let’s say, for example, they paid an average of $ 1000 each to pay their passage. That is $ 200, 000 earned by Indonesians (or gangster gangs).

This year already 7000 asylum seekers have been stopped on our borders. This is earnings of more than seven million dollars to the Indonesia economy.

The answer is for our pollies to warn Indonesia to change their laws and cease all arrivals and departures of asylum seekers.

We will implement measures to regain the costs incurred by any boat people who arrive in Australian waters from the Indonesians.

You may say this could be impossible.

Rubbish…do you think it is neighbourly to be involved in people trafficking? Should a friendly country treat us so badly?

No…it’s time to get tough, cut all exports and send our goods to countries that will respect our sovereignty.

No loans, no holidays, no receiving flights from or to Indonesia and no ships who dock in Indonesia can sail into Australian ports.

Send them an invoice today for the billions of dollars they owe every single Australian who has had to pay through their taxes for Indonesia’s total failure to stop boat people.

It’s time they implemented the laws of their country and respected the laws of our country.

The Julia Gillard government could stop boat people tomorrow…if they had the will…and the guts.

It’s cheaper to pay our exporters than pay for illegal migration.

I am all for asylum seekers attempting to get away from terror and famine…and we could do more to help genuine people trying to start a new life in peace.

But help them through legal means…not by breaking the law.

Come on JG you can do it!

by TOG

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  1. Weak and afraid of the Indons, no courage no creativity no love of Australia. What is this womans claim to greatness? nothing.

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