Jamie Murphy – dickhead, or was he really set up?

Jamie Murphy, who was locked up in a Bali jail for two nights on suspicion of drug possesion, arrived back in Perth last Thursday.


Murphy, aged 18, was caught with possession of a see-through, sealable bag with white powder in it. The bag can only be described as a ‘drug’ bag (bags for putting drugs in…in case you didn’t know).

white-powder-that-jamie-murphy-was-caught-withIt was discovered that Murphy had a bag of powder that contained paracetamol and caffiene tablets that had been crushed up – Murphy was up for 12 years in jail or an $800,000 fine.

He was treated pretty badly by the police – everyone saw this on the news.

But let me dissect this…just a smidgen.

On the TV, we all heard Jamie Murphy say, ‘it isn’t mine’.

If he knew it was paracetamol, he would have said, ‘hey, this IS mine, and it is paracetamol’.

Jamie Murphy is a proper drongo – he’s gone out, tried to score some drugs (which is what most Australians do when partying in Bali), and got ‘duped’ by scoring headache tablets.

He’s a lucky lad, and his parents have mentioned that Jamie is ‘a good lad’.

If you look on his Facebook page, you will see lots of well-wishing comments such as, ‘we know you’re innocent’, ‘you’re not the type of person to do that’, ‘we’re all thinking of you, we know you’re a good lad’…etc., etc.

Nothing has been mentioned that this dickhead most probably, (and probably, most actually) tried to buy somejamie-murphy-was-treated-badly-by-bali-police drugs. Murphy’s just lucky, he’s not only stupid trying to buy drugs in Bali, but stupid for not even be able to actually buy real drugs – it is what has saved him.

It’s quite possible he was set up, but he must have known he’s in Bali, and this sort of thing sometimes happens – but, he is only 18 years old…can’t be too harsh on the lad.

However much his parents, friends, fake Facebook friends say he is a ‘good lad’, and ‘knew he was innocent’, the fact remains that Jamie Murphy tried to buy drugs.

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned this yet…not even the possibility that it might have happened.

Maybe he was set-up, may be he wasn’t. My personal opinion is that he wasn’t set up and did something very stupid.

He probably is a nice lad, but he probably intended to buy drugs – a very, very stupid thing to do in Bali.

Murphy is a lucky boy – let’s hope he’s learnt his lesson.

by Sel Hurst



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