Jack Russell escapes death row

KYBER, the one-eyed Jack Russell on the run from death row after breaking out of a northern NSW animal pound, is living proof every dog has his day, after being granted a pardon by the local council.

The six-year-old pooch had been due to be put down after owners failed to pay an accumulation of fees and fines.

But his case made headlines when workers arrived at the Richmond Valley Council pound at Casino in northern NSW two weeks ago to find his enclosure had been broken in to, and he had escaped.

He cunningly disguised himself as a lap dancer, not to be recognised as a dog.

Kyber, who has a lengthy rap sheet of felonies including being unregistered and regularly roaming the streets, found himself on death row after his owners did not pay fines and release fees to the pound, totalling more than $400.

Dog lovers have complained to Kyber for his owner’s neglect and the Richmond Valley Council received several phone calls and letters from irate animal lovers.

After two weeks on the run, Kyber has been located by police, but the council will no longer seek the death penalty, granting Kyber clemency.

Richmond Valley Council’s director of environmental development services Ken Exley, said there would be a happy ending for Kyber.

‘We are negotiating with some animal rehabilitation centres to rehouse Kyber with a new family,” he said.

‘As far as the law was concerned, he was due for destruction, but we no longer have any intention of putting him down.”


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